Our Beers 2018

On this page you will find all 46 beers confirmed for the 2018 Dorset Beer Fest!

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WTF 3.6%Badger Best 3.7%Copper Ale 3.7%HBB 3.7%Sittin' Cow 3.7%Dorset Knob 3.9%English Lore 4.0%Stargazer 4.0%Surrey Nirvana 4.0%Three Hogs 4.0%The Fursty Ferret 4.1%Gillingham Pale Ale 4.2%IPA 4.2%Square Logic 4.2%T.E.A 4.2%Taiphoon 4.2%Tunnel Vision 4.2%Landlord 4.3%The Hopping Hare 4.4%Old Harry's Pale Sail 4.5%Piston Broke 4.5%The Golden Champion 4.5%Cheer Up 4.6%Coffee Milk Stout 4.6%Gaucho 4.6%Tanglefoot 4.7%Ancients of Mu Mu 4.8%Puritan 6 4.8%The Great Baldini 4.8%Borg 5.0%Cinco 5.0%Durdle Door 5.0%Never Swim with Piranhas 5.0%The Wicked Wyvern 5.0%Slasher 5.1%Honey I'm Home 5.2%Mango Madness 5.2%The Blandford Fly 5.2%Posh IPA 5.4%Everdene 5.5%The Duchess 5.5%Superfuzz 5.6%The Cranborne Poacher 5.7%The Pheonix Orange IPA 6.0%Winter's Tale 1058 Strong Ale 6.0%Tropical Thunder 6.2%

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