Our Beers 2017

On this page you will find all of the beers that were available at the 2017 Dorset Beer Fest ... click here for 2019!

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Bedrock Bitter

Bedrock Bitter by Keystone

ABV 3.6% Bitter

A mid coloured beer with a balance of locally grown malts and fresh fruity hoppiness. This beer has subtle sweet citrus flavours from the English Goldings hops.

Badger Best

Badger Best by Hall & Woodhouse

ABV 3.7% Best Bitter

An auburn coloured, 3.7%abv refreshing beer. The beer combines our finest Flagon ale malt with a small amount of crystal malt to give a subtle malt character. The beer was inspired and developed with the hop growers and merchants Charles Faram. The Celeia, Bobek and Dana hops provide a refreshing hop that is both thirst quenching and characterful. The hops are added both in the brewhouse and dry hopped in FV to ensure this 3.7% ale retains its character to the last drop.


Quadhop by Downton Brewery

ABV 3.9% Bitter

Our most popular session bitter. Pale in colour, with four varieties of hops (Challenger, East Kent Goldings, Pioneer and Styrian Goldings) providing a full range of floral, citrus aromas and a moreish bitterness that drinks superbly down the glass.


Elderquad by Downton Brewery

ABV 4.0% Speciality

A pale, generously hopped session beer. Hints of sweetness and subtle elderflower aroma, offer a terrific balance to the hops. A real thirstquencher!

Gold Spice

Gold Spice by Keystone

ABV 4.0%

The Multi Award Winning light-coloured beer with plenty of late Boadicea hops and stem ginger added to the cask for a delicious ZING of fresh ginger.

Fursty Ferret

Fursty Ferret by Hall & Woodhouse

ABV 4.1% Premium Bitter

The malt base is our finest Flagon ale malt, combining with the generous use of crystal malt to giving a moorish biscuit character to the mouthfeel. The Goldings and Celeia hop varieties combine to provide a subtle but defined floral hop character.

Golden Glory

Golden Glory by Hall & Woodhouse

ABV 4.1% Speciality

This award-winning classic is a deliciously balanced ale with peach and melon flavours.


C&C by Hall & Woodhouse

ABV 4.2%

C&C is an amber beer which combines an aromatic collection of British, Slovenian and New World hops for a refreshing easy drinking beer.

Knowle Spring

Knowle Spring by Timothy Taylor

ABV 4.2% Speciality

A 4.2% easy-drinking blonde beer, with floral and grapefruit aromas, complex depth of flavour and aromatic citrus hops.


Taiphoone by Hop Back Brewery

ABV 4.2% Speciality

Taiphoon has a complex recipe involving maize and barley malts infused with two English and three Continental hop varieties, which give this pale, thirst-quenching ale a distinctly hoppy yet flowery palate. The addition of coriander and lemongrass give a zing to the flavour, which makes this beer the ideal accompaniment to spicy dishes.

Wild Wader

Wild Wader by Hall & Woodhouse

ABV 4.2%

In the lagoon of Brownsea Island, you can find the Wild Wader striding proudly in the morning haze. This amber brew combines an aromatic collection of British, Slovenian and New World hops for a refreshing easy-drinking beer.

Great with fish & chips!

Firkin Fox

Firkin Fox by Hall & Woodhouse

ABV 4.3%

An auburn coloured ale at a moreish 4.3%, Firkin Fox combines our finest Flagon premium ale malt with the biscuity and aromatic qualities of our speciality malts.

Otter Bright

Otter Bright by Otter Brewery

ABV 4.3% Golden Ale

Brewed with lager malt, Bright is a pale golden beer with a citrus aroma. It’s refreshing fruity taste is followed by a sweet and bitter aftertaste.


Wyvern by Small Paul's Brewery

ABV 4.4% Best Bitter

Wyvern is a 4.4%, well-balanced best bitter with malt and caramel flavours and a short, bittersweet finish.

Daggers Black Stout

Daggers Black Stout by Three Daggers Brewery

ABV 4.5% Porter/Stout/Mild

Style: Premium stout. Cocoa & chocolate undertones, smooth bitterness.

Ingredients: Maris Otter barley, First Gold hops.

Colour: Black, hint of red.

Techy: Flaked and roasted barley for colour and body.

Dorset Gold

Dorset Gold by Palmers

ABV 4.5% Golden Ale

A bright, upbeat golden ale packed with refreshing, zesty and thirst-quenching flavours from the very heart of Dorset’s Jurassic Coast.

Hopping Hare

Hopping Hare by Hall & Woodhouse

ABV 4.5%

This is a refreshing ale with a unique hoppy aroma and well-balanced bitterness that is bound to satisfy!

Golden Grains

Golden Grains by Bournemouth Brewing Co

ABV 4.6%

Our pale ale designed and brewed with BBQs in mind! Nice light and refreshing. It has a cracking balance between hops and malt that is perfect for lounging, relaxing and pleasant trips to the beach.

Legless Jester

Legless Jester by Cerne Abbas Brewery

ABV 4.7%

This beer is based on our Ale, the twist to the tale is we then dry hopped with Jester to bring out the best of the hop. Described as fruity but not citrussy, well rounded and deceptively easy to drink.


Yachtsman by Dorset Brewing Company

ABV 4.7% Golden Ale

Pale gold ale. Smooth with suggestions of honey and a complex fruity aroma

Blandford Flyer

Blandford Flyer by Hall & Woodhouse

ABV 4.9%

With the hot summer sun beating down, the patient fly-fishermen of the Dorset Stour await their catch. These ‘Flyers’ are celebrated in this warming ale with ginger overtones, rumoured to be originally included to remedy the bites of the infamous Blandford Fly. The added ginger makes this beer naturally cloudy


Tanglefoot by Hall & Woodhouse

ABV 4.9% Premium Bitter

The godfather of our beers. Its ingredients combine the very finest that the British maritime climate can produce. The Flagon barley is a niche grown for its quality and low protein. This is combined with our own pure Badger water. The aroma hops bring together the English varieties of Goldings, First Gold and Challenger. These floral hop notes have a subtle hint of spice that combine with the fruity notes from fermentation to give a light premium ale with reverence.

8 Grain Porter

8 Grain Porter by The Brew Shack

ABV 5.0% Porter/Stout/Mild

Delicious sweet brown porter with complex roasted malt flavours and a smooth bitter finish.
Brewed in small batches using a blend of 8 different grains and English hops.

Durdle Door

Durdle Door by Dorset Brewing Company

ABV 5.0%

A copper bronze, full bodied ale. Clean tasting with a moderately dry finish. Hints of traditional marmalade.

Golden Champion

Golden Champion by Hall & Woodhouse

ABV 5.0%

The subtle elderflower aromas of this delicately floral brew are reminiscent of a summer's evening.

Summer Lightning

Summer Lightning by Hop Back Brewery

ABV 5.0%

A trendsetter in the brewing industry; the original summer ale, brewed all year round, using East Kent Goldings aroma hops. An extremely pleasant straw-coloured beer with an intense bitterness, leads to an excellent long, dry finish. Probably the most awarded cask ale in Britain!

6d IPA

6d IPA by Sixpenny Brewery

ABV 5.2%

5.2% Multi award winning traditional IPA. Brewed using four different hop varieties. Full flavoured, powerful hop character with a long rounded malt finish.

Hot Furze

Hot Furze by Hall & Woodhouse

ABV 5.2% Speciality

This is a deliberately hazy beer made with extra pale ale and wheat malt blend, fermented on hand picked gorse flowers from the Wiltshire/Dorset border.
Brewed with an American yeast, the gorse imparts a golden hue to the beer with subtle hints of


Corbel by Eight Arch Brewery

ABV 5.5% India Pale Ale

SIBA National Gold (cask strong bitters & pales) & Bronze (supreme cask champion). This is how an IPA should be - packed with lashings of hops with aromas of mango and pineapple backed up with a thirst quenching bitterness. UNFINED

Game, Set and Match

Game, Set and Match by Hall & Woodhouse

ABV 5.5% Speciality

A light refreshing wheat beer brewed with 50% malted wheat, Munich yeast and infused with strawberries and vanilla to create the perfect match to celebrate the start of Wimbledon.


Intonation by Hall & Woodhouse

ABV 5.5% Speciality

An “In your face” hybrid west coast style Red IPA made with German malt and American yeast.
A larger than usual dry hop charge of Citra, Eldorado, Ekuanot and Mosaic lead to a tropical fruit explosion of aroma and flavour.

Owlers IPA

Owlers IPA by Hall & Woodhouse

ABV 5.5% India Pale Ale

A true IPA that builds on the tradition of an English IPA but draws inspiration from the bolder IPAs that have been brewed in the US. The hops of Amarillo, Mosaic and Cascade give powerful citrus notes that come to the fore in both the aroma and flavour. Brewed to WOW and not disappoint those that crave a hop refreshment. The ale malt combines our English Flagon malt with Vienna, Munich and Caramalt that gives this ale its malt character and provides the malt base and stage for the hops to perform.

Tally Ho!

Tally Ho! by Palmers

ABV 5.5%

Our most awarded ale. A deep and distinctive, dark ale. Delicious characteristics of fruit cake and roasted malt. Ale for aficionados.

The Colepexy

The Colepexy by Hall & Woodhouse

ABV 5.5%

This devilish red Rye IPA builds on the Crystal Rye and malt base with the intense citrus hop of Amarillo and Mosaic. The addition of red grape and vanilla balance and soften the flavour whilst adding a subtle creaminess.

The Duchess

The Duchess by Hall & Woodhouse

ABV 5.5% Golden Ale

This celebration beer has been developed by our Brewster and Beer Sommelier Nikki Rowe. It is strong cask ale at 5.5% abv, designed to be sipped and savoured. It is a deep golden, chestnut colour. The strong nature of the ale brings out the malt notes which are supplemented with English hops that give a delicate nose of soft fruits with a hint of orange.


Bobolink by Eight Arch Brewery

ABV 5.6% Porter/Stout/Mild

Coffee oat stout. Copious amounts of oats and chocolate malt blend to create a super smooth and jet black oat stout brewed with freshly roasted coffee beans from Beanpress in Winterborne Kingston. UNFINED


Beachcomber by Southbourne Ales

ABV 5.7%

Brown Ale. This style of ale became widely brewed in the 1920s and they were considerably stronger than most modern English versions. Southbourne Ales brown ale Beach Comber at 5.7% recreates this now rare specimen using brown malts, and is a real find with its full flavours and aromas.

Poacher's Choice

Poacher's Choice by Hall & Woodhouse

ABV 6.0%

This rich, smooth brew has a softly spiced sweetness with dark liquorice notes and a fruity damson aroma.

Queen of Spades

Queen of Spades by Hall & Woodhouse

ABV 6.0% India Pale Ale

A black IPA, with strong citrus hop notes with a body of roasted malt notes.

Winter's Tale 1058 Strong Ale

Winter's Tale 1058 Strong Ale by Hall & Woodhouse

ABV 6.0%

From the Hall & Woodhouse Pilot Plant a full bodied winter style beer bringing together our premium ale, chocolate and crystal malts. The hop charge is provided by the English varieties of Boadicea & Sovereign making this a very drinkable strong ale.


Battleaxe by Bournemouth Brewing Co

ABV 6.3%

The legendary battleaxe is packed full of roasted and chocolate malts. The darkest and maltiest brew around finish with a strong Challenger hop finish.

Mysterious Merchicken

Mysterious Merchicken by Hall & Woodhouse

ABV 7.2% Speciality

With a great red beard and a mermaid’s tail, a curious manifestation was said to have emerged from the coast off Portland. The Mer-chicken crowed four times, beckoned with his head to the north, south and west, before disappearing beneath the waves.

Like the rare beast, this Saison style brew is unique; fermented with Belgian yeast and infused with basil for a distinctive Saison style beer with fresh herbal undertones.