Saturday 20th June 2020

Our Beers 2017

On this page you will find all of the beers that were available at the 2017 Dorset Beer Fest ... click here for 2020!

Bedrock Bitter 3.6%Badger Best 3.7%Quadhop 3.9%Elderquad 4.0%Gold Spice 4.0%Fursty Ferret 4.1%Golden Glory 4.1%C&C 4.2%Knowle Spring 4.2%Taiphoone 4.2%Wild Wader 4.2%Firkin Fox 4.3%Otter Bright 4.3%Wyvern 4.4%Daggers Black Stout 4.5%Dorset Gold 4.5%Hopping Hare 4.5%Golden Grains 4.6%Legless Jester 4.7%Yachtsman 4.7%Blandford Flyer 4.9%Tanglefoot 4.9%8 Grain Porter 5.0%Durdle Door 5.0%Golden Champion 5.0%Summer Lightning 5.0%6d IPA 5.2%Hot Furze 5.2%Corbel 5.5%Game, Set and Match 5.5%Intonation 5.5%Owlers IPA 5.5%Tally Ho! 5.5%The Colepexy 5.5%The Duchess 5.5%Bobolink 5.6%Beachcomber 5.7%Poacher's Choice 6.0%Queen of Spades 6.0%Winter's Tale 1058 Strong Ale 6.0%Battleaxe 6.3%Mysterious Merchicken 7.2%

Hall & Woodhouse Dorset Beer Fest, Hall & Woodhouse Ltd, The Brewery, Blandford Forum, Dorset DT11 9LS