Our Beers 2013

On this page you will find all of the beers that were available at the 2013 Dorset Beer Fest ... click here for 2020!

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Otter Bitter 3.6%1037 3.7%Jimmy Riddle 3.7%Dorset Knob 3.9%First Gold 4%Gold Hill 4%Piddle 4.1%Summerset 4.1%Huna Red 4.2%Invicta 4.2%Raven 4.2%Firkin Fox 4.3%Landlord 4.3%Stout Hearted 4.3%Brewer's Bee 4.4%Fursty Ferret 4.4%Shark Head 4.4%Dorset Gold 4.5%Golden Glory 4.5%Hopping Hare 4.5%Studland Bay Wrecked 4.5%Blackmore IPA 4.6%Hopeful Hop 4.6%Blandford Flyer 4.9%Golden Champion 5%Jurassic Joule 5%Summer Lightning 5%Tanglefoot 5%40 Shades of Pink 5.5%Tally Ho! 5.5%Winters Tale 1058 Strong Ale 5.8%Charles Hall Napoleonic Pale Ale 6%Poacher's Choice 6%